Our story

We are a collective of industry experts that have overseen and navigated major transitions in the digital service industry. We are on a never ending voyage of discovery.

  • Silicon Valley

    Freeform has worked in Silicon valley for a top 10 web property during the peak internet explosion. We out-performed rival tech giants and propelled business growth.

  • IPO

    Freeform has been responsible for innovation in the lead up to the IPO of one of Europe’s digital success stories. Providing strategy and design stewardship during a critical period.

  • Venture

    Freeform has worked with FTSE 250 and venture backed startups to help them think about futures and products just over the technological horizon.

Our services

We can help you identify and develop new digital products and services.

  • Consultancy

    Whether enhancing an existing digital product or creating a new one, Freeform can help evaluate, design and develop your offering.

    • CBS

      One of the world’s leading media companies wanted a fresh design perspective on their premium digital products and services.

      • + Web development
      • + Design strategy
    • Passionflix

      Due to launch in 2017, we are helping create this movie steaming service that will revolutionize access to romantic film content.

      • + Brand creation
      • + Identity
      • + Vision development
  • Venturing

    We partner with organizations and find ways to solve problems using new ideas and combinations of technologies and design thinking.

    • Just Eat

      We set up a digital lab for this online food giant with the aim of exploring new business opportunities and strategies.

      • + App development
      • + Strategy development
      • + Ideation
      • + Vision films
    • Freeform Labs

      We created our own lab to invent and mature our innovations and organisations.

      • + Research
      • + Prototyping
      • + Brand development